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Elviva has been active in the Scandinavian market since 2015. During this short period, we have gathered a highly professional and efficient team of technical specialists who can work on construction and electrical installation projects of various complexities. The team is made up of experienced specialists who ensure the high quality of work, so you can always trust us.


Employee leasing services are relevant for businesses that wish to expand without heavy investments in their own staff.


Our services are chosen by businesses that need additional staff for both long-term and short-term projects.


Employee leasing helps companies plan and manage their resources in a more efficient manner.

By cooperating with Elviva, your business can better focus on expanding, while bypassing the challenges of finding technical staff, so we will be happy to contribute to the growth of your business.

Technical staff leasing

Our specialists work on the employee leasing basis, so there is no need to hire them. You are billed only for hours worked. Depending on your needs, we can offer you specialists in the following areas:

Electrical installation

electricians automation specialists telecommunications professionals cabinet assemblers


carpenters finishers concreters factory workers scaffolders prefab assemblers roofers window and door fitters plaster worker

Ventilation installation

ventilation installers



Solar power plant installation

solar panel installers

Automation control cabinets manufacturing

We manufacture top quality automation control cabinets. By your request, we can install manufactured cabinets in your project site. All panels are manufactured according to the provided technical designs and quality requirements.

With our help your construction projects will be completed efficiently and quickly

Having been working in the Scandinavian construction market since 2015, we understood what local construction and engineering solutions companies need the most - a flexible management of human resources and highly qualified technical staff. For many companies, these challenges increase the cost of implementing projects, which is why we have started to provide this much-needed employee leasing service. We also help solve at least several challenges:

1. Reducing project costs by eliminating the need to hire new employees - you only have to pay for the actually worked hours.
2. Saving time and resources on staff search, training, job creation, etc. Your supervisor provides our specialists with projects and technical tasks, and we execute them in accordance with the highest quality and technical requirements and take care of occupational safety.
3. Performing work with high efficiency. Our specialists had been working in teams for many years, so they understand each other well and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to become the leading construction staff leasing company in Scandinavia. We are happy to contribute to the business growth and we are proud of the projects we have carried out together with our partners. We hope that we can participate in the development of your business too.