Electrical installation

Electrical installation is one of our main services. We execute high quality electrical montage works and electrical wiring tasks that are performed by our qualified specialists. These are the main activities of our electrical installation service:

  • Installation and montage of internal power grid. Electrical installation works help to complete electrical wiring, electric montage and other related tasks in residential, commercial, industrial and other types of buildings. The works of internal power grid can be done in both, private houses and apartments.
  • Installation of lighting. We help to select and install indoor and outdoor lighting systems. This type of work is also required to program the management of smart lighting systems.
  • Installation of data transmission networks. Thinking of a fast and high quality data transmission network? Our specialists will carry out a reliable installation of TV, PC, AUDIO and CCTV data transmission networks.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of existing electrical equipment. We execute diagnostics and fault elimination works to test and repair outdoor and indoor electrical equipment.
  • Detection and repair of electrical system faults. Take advantage of a high speed and quality repair of indoor and outdoor electrical systems. We are able to detect electrical system faults in no time and apply accurate repair solutions for private houses, apartment buildings and commercial premises.
  • Our job is to make power management easy. Therefore, we help to automate complex electrical system processes according the latest management requirements for your comfort.

In the course of our long years of existence, we have established our core values to be honesty, quality and focus on customer. Electrical installation works for up to 1000 V are carried out in compliance with all electrical installation standards and requirements.

All electrical installation works are being made by our experienced technicians, so we guarantee that everything will be done with exceptional care and quality. Neither electrical montage, nor electrical wiring can be implemented without the knowledge of our customers, so we always strive to fulfill their wishes and requests. When completing electrical installation we pay a great amount of attention to the safety requirements. Only safe and proper electrical work can ensure the comfort of your home.

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